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Curriculum Overview

The aim of the teaching and learning programs at Trinity is to develop the student as a whole person. We provide opportunities for students to learn within

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Junior School

Junior School refers to students in Years 7 and 8.

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Year 9 Program

Year 9 students have a wider choice of subject selections than in Year 8. In total, students will be required to complete 14 units for the year: Nine

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Senior School

Year 10 sees our students transitioning into the Senior end of the school. The expectation and workload begins to increase as students tackle more challeng

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Assessment & Reporting

Our Assessment Policy and our Reporting Policy reflect the philosophy of a Catholic School, as framed in the Trinity College Core Values, Vision and Missio

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Technology & Learning

At Trinity we recognise our responsibility to provide and maintain an effective and efficient contemporary learning environment. This shared responsibility

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Specialised Programs

Our Specialised Programs ensure students are appropriately challenged and supported throughout the school year. Learning Enrichment is provided to an

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Career Pathways

A number of career based activities and programs are made available to students from Year 9 onwards. Examples of these activities include: subject infor

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Curriculum Points of Contact

The Curriculum Committee meet two or three times per term. Please ring the office on 5233 9200 if you would like to contact the committee members. Directo

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